The Truth About How to Achieve
Flat and Sexy Abs!
Developed by Gilad Janklowicz, the host and star of
Bodies in Motion Fitness and TV Show
The Most Effective Abs Workout
Program Available.
The 3 Factors You MUST Implement to
Develop Great Abs
We all want a flat stomach and a small waist.....if your abdominal needs improvement, Gilad has the solution!  Gilad
has developed a unique program that works great for both men and women. Gilad has designed a set of balanced
abdominal exercises targeting  all the muscles around your  midsection giving you a flat stomach and a smaller waist
in record time! BUT THAT IS NOT ALL.....
You need to be aware of this very important fact:
Spot training does not work. You can perform  a million crunches a day and the fat on your belly will still be there!
There are no exercises that alone can get rid of the fat on a particular area of your body
To develop a flat and sexy abdominal you MUST:
Do some form of vigorous aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, cycling, skipping and so on for no less
than 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week. These exercises are a must rather than an option because they help increase
the metabolic rate, causing your body to use up all stored fat.
Eat right. You are what you eat!. To promote a high metabolism and avoid fat being stored on your body you
must eat the right food!
Work you abdominal muscles. A progressive abdominal program will build strong quality abdominals that will
look firm and sexy when you get the layer of fat reduced.
These are the 3 factors that you need to implement to achieve Super Abs! Sorry...there are no way around this. No
magic pill, cream, machine or quick fix can build strong quality abs that you can see and feel.
Eat Right Now Nutritional Plan
Gilad's 12 Weeks to Super Abs includes a nutritional plan that you will follow for 12
weeks. Gilad Eat Right Now® will give you a step by step plan to eat powerful foods that
will help you get lean, boost your energy levels and increase your metabolism. This is
not a diet, no calories to count and no supplements to buy.
Gilad 12 weeks to Super Abs
will put you on an abs workout you're never seen. This progressive workout will build the
abs you always dreamed about. It's a no nonsense extremely effective set of abs
exercises, based on 7 core and safe abs exercise that requires no equipment. These
exercises will build and strengthen the  upper and lower part of your abdominals plus both
sides. Every exercise is explained in detail with pictures to make sure you perform them
correctly for maximum results.
NOTE: If you have back problems you can still do these exercises and in most
cases your back will see great improvement.
Strong abs is recommended by many physicians as a prevention and relief for many
types of back pain. Developing strong abs is one of the best ways to protect your
To help you stick with the program and track your progress you will use Gilad's
progress Journal.
This is an electronic journal. You will record what you eat and the exercises you do.
It will give you a clear picture of your progress and also make you accountable for
How to get this ebook:
The book can be downloaded in 3 different ways:
1. DNL file. Recommended. (This requires a small reader available at the download site). This
is a 100% safe way to download the book.
2. Exe file. Is the exe file safe?. Yes, but some ISPs do not allow exe download. Make sure
you can download exe files if you select this method.
3. Zip file. Make sure you have unzip utility, if not you will be provided with a link to download
this utility.
    * The download site is safe and virus free for all the options above.
    * Make sure you have windows 98 or later.
    * You will download it from a secure web page.
    * It will take less than 2 minutes to download
    * The url (link) for the download page will be emailed to you after you make the purchase
    * The download link to Eat Right Now and The Progress Journal is located on the main
download page
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Track your progress with Gilad's unique Progress Journal
Gilad has put it all together for you.
Gilad's 12 weeks to Super abs will take you step by step towards a flat and sexy stomach.  No longer be ashamed or
hide your abdominals under clothes. Go to the beach with confidence and wear tight clothes without feeling "fat".
You can get started in minutes. All these books can be downloaded immediately and you can start:
    * planning your workout week using your progress journal.
    * do your first abs workout
    * learn what to buy at the grocery store next time. and get started on a the nutrition plan.
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