Pan Quiche egg and spinish.

03 Jul 2014

Just get a handful of fresh spinish and sautee it in heated olive oil until warm and cooked.  You can add sliced jalapeno if you like to. 

Pure in egg beaters (from a carton) over the top of spinish. You only need enougth to cover the spinish and peppers.  It is cooked in the same manner as you would cook an omelet. 

Sprinkel some sharedded  Parmesan chees on top.

  Cook over a medium heat, let the eggs get a little brown on the bottom. 

Flippe over the omelet and let the other side cook,  not for long.  Just enoght to cook the egg and melt the chees.  If you want you can turn the heat off  and the egg will cook itself with heat of the pan.

You can sever this as a hearty sandwich or with tost on the side.


Submitted by: Suzanne

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