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Double your results by combining 2 of Gilad’s best body-transforming systems ...EVER!

This challenge combines the 5 'Lord of the Abs' DVD's with the 3 'Ultimate Body Sculpt' DVD's to give you results like never before! If you are serious about getting results... THIS IS IT!



Start The Challenge Anytime You Like! 

 Details below


See below for details on how to join the challenge >


You get:

  • 8 workouts on 8 DVDs (ranging from 40 to 60 minutes)
  • A resistance band*
  • A 60-day progressive workout schedule
  • Gilad's 'Eat Right Now' nutritional guide
  • Free Facebook group support and help


The 60 Day Fitness Challenge Workout Plan

DVDs included:

Lord of the Abs

lota-all-stacked-with-logo-1Gilad’s ‘Lord of the Abs’ series is a full-body fitness system that shows you how to concentrate on the core while working all the other parts of your body.
Standing workouts, floor work routines, heavy balls, Pilates principles, yoga moves, military style circuits and aerobics all combine to put you in the best shape of your life while building your core with each and every move.  No more tedious crunches. You will be having so much fun you will barely realize you are working your abs.

Learn more about Lord of the Abs here

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt


Based on Gilad's hugely popular Total Body Sculpt with Gilad™ running on Discovery Fit & Health, Gilad has created a new generation of Fitness DVDs called Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt Series™.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you’ll find Gilad’s well-known teaching style highly motivating and easy to follow, and you will improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and range of motion.

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt Series is a Telly Award Winner.

Learn more about The Ultimate Body Sculpt > 

Gilad's "Eat Right Now" Plan

eat-right-now-mediumlEliminate energy crashes, sleep better, burn fat and boost your immune system!
Gilad’s Eat Right Now plan is based on eating what you were meant to eat. It’s easy to follow, and you can get everything you need in your local grocery store

Resistance Band

resistance band-1When you're ready to get in shape, nothing can beat resistance for portable strength training. All you need is some basic knowledge of resistance band exercises to get started. The good thing about doing a resistance workout is that there is no need for bulky weights.

(Reg. $130.00)

This package is only available from this website



Join Gilad's 60-Day Fitness Challenge!

This challenge combines the 5 'Lord of the Abs' DVD's with the 3 'Ultimate Body Sculpt' DVD's to give you results like never before!

If you don't have the two systems, this is the best time to get them and start on your own 60-Day Fitness Challenge! To those who already have both systems and wish to participate in the 60-Day Fitness Challenge just follow the sign-up instruction and you are in!


How to participate:
  1. Download the '60-Day Fitness Challenge Workout Plan' to get started.
  2. When you are ready, register using this form. You can start the challenge anytime (After August 15th)
  3. Simply submit a 'before' picture to be officially entered. Register here
  4. At the end of the 60 days you must submit an 'after' picture and a short description how this challenge changed you. (See 'before' and 'after' picture requirements below). You will use the same for as above to submit you after photo.

We created a dedicated community Facebook page for those of you participating in Gilad's  60-day Fitness Challenge to be able to connect with others on the program and with Gilad and staff who will be monitoring the page daily, offering advice, updates and tips and tracking people's progress.



Everybody Wins – Everybody Loses (weight)!

Everybody that completes the challenge and submits before and after pictures WINS:

1.  An autographed photo of Gilad  

2.  A Fitness Challenge T-Shirt

3.  1 Free Video download of your choice. 


 Picture requirements:
  • The 'before' picture you submit must be full figure from the knees up in front of a solid neutral background.
  • It should be taken within 48 hours of when it is submitted.
  • Your clothing should be snug enough to show the actual shape of your body.
  • The 'after' picture should be taken in the same place and in the same pose 60 days later.




Don't forget to join us on our Facebook support group and most importantly...

'Let's have fun getting in shape!'


 Join us on our Facebook Support Group



* Resistance band is included with the DVDs only (not the download) 

It's made of BPA and phthalate free, dishwasher safe, new-age plastic and comes with a 'blender ball' that makes it into a fully portable blender.
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Reviewer: Rosemarie from CT United States. All the dvds in this package are great!!! Absolutely wonderful work outs that hit the spot!!!!  Challenging but sooo much fun with Gilad and the team!!!! Will definitely see results.


Reviewer: Margaret from PA United States. The dvds were individually wrapped just like if you purchased one in a store. They were perfectly packed for shipping. There were even little foam pieces that were stuck on the knob that the middle of the dvd fits over for protection. I was amazed how the order came 2 days after I placed the order. I used to watch Gilad in the 80's when my daughter was little. Gilad has only gotten more gorgeous with time, and he is a true joy to watch exercise! My daughter started watching Gilad in college with one of her girlfriends. She is elated that I bought the dvds. She is 25 years old! I am even playing the dvds on my kitchen tv while cooking and washing dishes, so that I can get through them to make sure they are okay. I'm almost finished going though them. The ones I have gotten through are perfect. I would definitely recommend, and I am very happy that I made the purchase.  I was also happy with the price that I paid.


Reviewer: Michelle from Victoria Australia. Great price, great workouts, delivery to Australia was normal time frame. Great freebees, the food guide has been an excellent help to my die t. I'm a very happy customer on my way to becoming stronger, healthier & best of all I weight less.Thanx Gilad & team, keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Cathy from CO United States. These are the best workout DVDs I have ever used.  Very good instruction with a good warm up and cool down.  I am 56 years old and these DVDs are a real challenge, but each day I can do a little more.  The customer service is also excellent.  I had one bad DVD and within 30 minutes of putting in a helpdesk ticket they had a new DVD ready to be shipped.  I would highly recommend any of the workout DVDs by Gilad


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