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3 Great workouts on our favorite beach - As seen on TV - Commercial Free

Ala Moana Beach is one of our favorite locations.  It is like an oasis between downtown Honolulu and the excitement of Waikiki.  The shows are taped right on the shoreline with silhouettes of the palm trees on Magic Island in the background.  

  1. SHOW #1116  Felicia, Tracey, Kent and a blue and gold macaw parrot join Gilad and his mother Ora for a spirited workout.  The toning segment targets the abs and buns.
    Area of the day:  Chest.
  2. SHOW #1117  This show features Gilad, Tracey, Trella, Kent, Bill and our fitness minded parrot.  There is a good challenging aerobics segment.
    Areas of the day:  Hips, Thighs and Buns.
  3. SHOW #1121  This show was taped during a beautiful Hawaiian sunset with magnificent rainbows in the background!  The workout features Gilad, Ora, Trella, Kent, Bill, Kate, Tracey (and her son).  The toning segment concentrates on the abs thighs and buns.
    Area of the day:  Back.

Total running time: 72 minutes.

Price: 14.95




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