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3 Great workouts on Waikiki beach - As seen on TV - Commercial Free

Gilad’s workout party on the beach in Waikiki continues all the way through sunset.  Gilad is on fire and he picks up the pace toward the end of the day.  The result is 3 high-energy workouts to help you burn fat and tone up!

  1. SHOW #1011  Jim joins Gilad in the front group and Trella is now in charge of the back group with Barbara from Slovenia and senior citizen ‘Puppy’.  Also featured are Kent, Felicia, Wendee, Sharla and Bill.  
    Areas of the Day:  Chest and Shoulders

  2. SHOW #1012  Gilad, Trella, Felicia, Wendee, Kent, Sharla, Bill, Jim and Barbara are outfitted in red, white and blue.   The toning segment targets the core, obliques and inner thighs. 
    Areas of the Day:  Core and thighs
  3. SHOW #1014  Gilad ‘turns up the volume’ on this high-energy Waikiki sunset workout.  The team includes Felicia, Jim, Barbara, Bill, Wendee, Lian and Sharla.  The toning segment targets the buns, hamstrings and abs.  
    Areas of the Day:  Chest and Shoulders.

Total running time: 72 minutes.

Price: 14.95




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