3 Great workouts with 'Buster' the monkey

This group of shows is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Watch Buster the Chimpanzee and Maile the Monkey roam free on the set and even participate in the workout!

  1. SHOW #401: Buster the Chimpanzee joins our workout team on the beautiful Waianae Coast. Features: Gilad, Sherry, Kent, Trella and Angela.
    Areas of the day: Inner Thighs, Buns, Core and Obliques
  2. SHOW #609: Watch Maile the Monkey “monkey around” with Gilad and the team during the floor work segment. This workout features a live Hawaiian band and 4 polynesian children in traditional garb. Taped at one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches, Paradise Cove. Features: Gilad, Gail and Trella.
    Areas of the day: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Quads, Outer Thighs, Middle Abs and Obliques.
  3. SHOW #610: We return to Paradise Cove with Maile the Monkey, our live Polynesian percussion band and beautiful hula dancers performing in the background. Features: Gilad, Trella and Molly.
    Areas of the day: Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Glutes and Abs

Total running time: 72 minutes.

Price: 14.95




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