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Reach Your Fitness Goals with Gilad

Gilad offer effective and safe workouts for all levels.

Most popular DVDs and DVD sets.


Gilad's Bodies in Motion Anniversary Shows 



Each workout is about 21 minutes.



Gilad's Lord of the Abs



Each workout is about 50 minutes.



Gilad's Quick Fit System



Workouts range from 32-36 minutes (cardio) and 15-20 Minutes (toning)



Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt Series



 Each workout is 60 minutes long



As Seen on TV -Bodies in Motions - Favorite Shows 



Each workout is 20 minutes long. 



As Seen on TV - Total Body Sculpt and Total Body Sculpt Plus



The Total Body Sculpt workouts are 23 minutes long.  The Total Body Sculpt Plus workouts are 45 minutes long.


Gilad's Express Workouts - 15 Minutes Targeted Workouts



Each workout is about 15 minutes long. 



Gilad's Kids in Motion



Each workout is about 22 minutes long. 



Basic Training with Ada

 basic training-1


This workout is 60 minutes long. 




Combination DVD set


60 Day Challenge

ultimate u-challenge-1


This set is a combination of Lord of the Abs and Ultimate Body Sculpt. 



Best Body Ever Kit



This set is a combination of Ultimate Body Sculpt and Total Body Sculpt Peak Performance. 



Super Sculpting Kit

 super sculpting-kit-1


This kit is a combination of Ultimate Body Sculpt and Express Workouts. 



Boot Camp DVDs



This kit is a combination of Gilad's Elite Forces and Ada's Basic Training Workout.




Super Saver Packs