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Learn how to to eat right and feel great!eat-right-now-cover-1

Eliminate energy crashes, sleep better, burn fat and boost your immune system!

Is this you? Have you tried most fad diets? Low fat - high fat - high carb - low carb - low calorie - juice - fruit - water....or any other diet...... and still not happy with your body? Have you lost weight then gained it all back or more? Have you gone from being in great shape years back, got married, had children and gained weight? I can help you get back in shape!

Is this you? Are you still confused? What is the right way to lose weight? What works? What is safe? I don't blame you if you are. It seems like every month a new "fantastic weight loss product or method" is promoted on TV.

Eat Right Now Plan (booklet)

Price: $9.94


I get hundreds of requests every month from people who need help losing weight and no longer know what do to. I can help you! I have already helped thousands!

Most Fad diets work against your body's ability to stay healthy and fit. My approach works with your it what it needs to keep you lean, energetic and healthy.

I have survived EVERY FAD DIET over the last 20 years! I NEVER went on a diet, counted calories or took any pills or drugs...I just followed a VERY SIMPLE plan that WORKS FOR EVERYONE...and I'm in better shape now than I was 30 years ago...and I feel GREAT!

Please note:

This booklet is included in the following DVD packages:

  1. Gilad’s Quick Fit System link
  2. Gilad’s Ultimate U Challenge link
  3. Gilad’s Super Saver Pack link

An electronic version (PDF) is available for free with ANY purchase on this website.


Eat Right Now Plan (booklet)

Price: $9.94



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