Gilad Will Host His 6th Fitness Adventure Camp
on the Big Island of Hawaii

June 6 -13 2015

 Register Early and Save $250!

An extraordinary vacation
you will never forget!

Gilad and his staff invite you to join them for an incredible vacation experience like no other.
You will awed by the  peaceful Kalani Oceanside Retreat, a secluded tropical paradise.  Immersed in healthy activities you will feel vibrant and invigorated.  Gilad and staff will inspire you to maximize your individual strengths and learn more about yourself and a healthy lifestyle.

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 We are giving away ONE FREE TRIP!
To Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp

The first group of 4 to register for the camp together will get one of those packages FREE!


The package includes an all expenses paid week to

Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp valued at $2,599!


The giveaway is for a double-occupancy, shared-bath lodge room.
No other discounts can be used with this offer. Airfare not included.


Sponsored by:
Aloha Holidays website
Kalani website


Package price includes:

  • Dynamic daily classes instructed by GiladUp to 5 workouts daily, including yoga, hula, walking/jogging, swimming and more
  • Accommodations at the Kalani Oceanside retreat center in a Lodge Share Bath double occupancy room. Retreat center equipped with pool, quaint rooms and gorgeous tropical scenery
  • 3 delicious and nutritious meals per day along with healthy snacks
  • Educational seminars on health and well being
  • Island excursions during the week including a trip to Volcanoes National Park
  • Entertainment and social activities
  • Transportation from and to the airport in Hilo, Hawaii
  • Everything is planned for you, come and join the fun!

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 2013-camp-group-pic-2From the 2013 camp


Explore - Play - Workout - Relax




 Get all the details about this once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

joyce-1I attended Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp because after a serious knee injury, I was unable to walk for months, and while lying immobile on the sofa channel surfing, I discovered Gilad's fitness TV shows.  It took me weeks of only watching, months of slowing trying a FEW exercises, until I could complete a show after a year of trying.  My goal, if able to complete an entire tv show, was to go to the fitness camp.  Luckily, at age fifty something, I was not the oldest, and there were a range of all ages and body types, including parent and child participants, and grandmothers (though younger and better looking than me, I must say!)
Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp exceeded my expectations.  The exercises were as expected, right out of the TV.  They were nicely paced, and varied so that we always felt freshly challenged.  And, there were many classes in addition to the Gilad class.  What was unexpected, was how physically terrificI felt after the camp.  I enjoyed working out and hanging out with everyone there, campers and staff.  My favorite memory was a pitch black night sky filled with a brilliant display of the milky way.  Beautiful.   A place to fall in love or just love being!
I would go to Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp annually if my busy life allowed it. The dates have happened to fall on impossible days. Last year conflicted with my son's college graduation, and this year conflicts with a scheduled hiking trip in the Himalayan Mountains.  Somehow, I hope to see Gilad at his fitness camp again.  If only to recapture the feeling I had at the end of camp, I would go back every year!



Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

edith-1The reason I attended Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp was to meet Gilad in person and to get some personal training on form.  I had experienced some major changes in my life and felt the need to do something extra special just for me.  Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp was it!
Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp was very meaningful for me.  I got to meet Gilad and his mother; exercise, practice Hula dancing, walk the beautiful street near Kalani Resort (Kalani was an amazing experience in itself), and eat healthy foods, exclusively, for a full week.  I especially remember the friendly staff and lovely massages at the spa!
When I got back home I felt like new, rejuvenated!  I had lost a few pounds and had become more active.  I will be returning to Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp next year just to repeat the experience.




Christi and Eric
Camp 2010, 2011, 2012


chris and erci-1We have attended camp together for three years straight. The first time we went basically because we enjoyed doing Gilad's workouts and we thought that it would be cool to get to workout with Gilad in person and also get to visit Hawaii. We did both, but never imagined that we would have such a memorable experience and make the lasting friendships that we did that would bring us back again the next two years.

From Gilad and his staff, to the other campers, and Kalani and it's staff, you could not ask for a nicer, more down to earth group of people or a better setting for such a camp.  Kalani is the perfect place to get away from it all, enjoy nature, and just live in the moment. It is a very busy week full of fun activities and fitness, yet there is plenty of time to relax. The food is delicious and the workouts are fun and challenging for any level of fitness.

It has been great returning each year to see old friends and make new ones. It is the perfect way to experience fitness first hand, not just as something we do to look and feel good, but as a lifestyle.


Camp 2011, 2012

laurie-1If the first camp I attended in 2011 was thrilling and fun and wonderfully healthy, my second experience in 2012 was spectacular to the 10th degree! During our trip to Volcanoes Nat'l Park in 2011, I saw tiny people hiking the crater floor - and this year I got to be one of those tiny people! .  Getting to spend time with friends I made last year was as much fun as meeting and making new friends this year.  Meeting Gilad's mom, Ora, on the first trip was so nice and getting to meet his dad, Harold, on the second was great. I believe it when he says Gilad got it all from him!
The coaching and encouragement Gilad provides has helped me develop and maintain a fitness program that is varied, interesting and appropriate for me.
And where else could wear leg warmers, tights and big earrings in June, in Hawaii and fit in!


Leslie Testimonial
Camp 2012

leslie-1Gilad’s Fitness Adventure Camp was a dream come true for me!
I have always wanted to be a part of what I knew would be just the most amazing adventure I could ever participate in, but I could never make it a reality. Being a single mother with struggles, I had always put my children before myself. This year was different, I lost my father which was a shock to me, yet it also changed the way I looked at my life. I don’t want any regrets and missing this camp year after year was just that, a regret! The time had come for me…. I booked this trip! The camp was more than what you could even imagine. It was mentally and physically up-lifting. Gilad was right there correcting me if my form wasn’t exact. Gilad was with us all every step of the way from day to day and for me, I couldn’t get enough of him. He alone is enough to motivate me even on days when I just don’t want to do anything, so in person it was even better. The food, the sight seeing tours,
(which don’t be fooled, they are workouts too!) the entire workout program and the friendships made are the best investment for your soul. The staff is amazing and you can see how much hard work gets put into this camp. This was truly everything and more, and worth every penny. I will cherish this adventure forever. I Love you Gilad….


Carolyn Testimonial
Camp 2011, 2012 and 2013


carolyn-1As a former flight attendant and a US Marine Corps spouse for 40 years I have lived and traveled all over the USA and the world. We retired to the South Lake Tahoe side of Nevada in the Sierra mountain range 11 years ago where we live a very active physical life. I have been watching and exercising to Gilad's "Bodies in Motion" program since the 1980's as well as working out to Gilad's video tapes and DVD's.  

I had the opportunity to attend Gilad's Fitness camp for the first time in 2011,  I returned again this year in 2012 and I am returning in 2013.  The camp is such a wonderful experience in so many aspects.  Gilad and his staff, Michele, Rodney and Kathy are just amazing and so supportive in every way.  The choice of so many options from yoga, hula, early morning walks,   pool exercises, Zumba and of course Gilad's twice a day workouts and evening lectures makes everyday a new and exciting experience.  Gilad is always there with his enthusiasm, sense of humor, personal support and help as well as becoming a friend. At the end of the week I leave with a feeling of accomplishment and always feeling much better about myself.

We participants all become a family, Ohana.  Each year we return we are delighted to see each other and share what has changed in our lives over the past year.

I highly recommend Gilad's Fitness Camp and I am looking forward to returning to see my Ohana.


 more-about-the camp-1

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