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I recently had the privilege of watching every one of these episodes and they were great!

They were beautiful!  They were funny!  They were fun!  And they were all uniquely Gilad!  These shows have helped millions get into shape all over the world.  And now you can watch them any time you want! Best of all, each and every episode is a complete and unique workout!

The 200 Series

vdemand-200-sThese shows have not been on the air in over 10 years.  But now Gilad is making them available to you once again.  This series is a must for the serious collector and dedicated follower.  Remember, this is the only place where these shows are available.

The 200 series debuted in 1986 and consists of 31 episodes.  That’s 31 different workouts.  There is one for every day of the month.  

There are plenty of beautiful settings. The locations include 2 small secluded un-named beaches on the North Shore of Oahu close to Waimea Bay.  We also shot at a North Shore ocean-front private home.  There was another secluded beach near Turtle Bay on Oahu and 2 different locations on the grounds of the Kona Surf Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  vdemand-200-2You will see beautiful women, rugged lava rock ocean-front cliffs, palm trees and other lush tropical foliage, silhouettes over sparkling waters and exotically beautiful beaches.    If you have been watching the show for the last 26 years you know that it is a tour of the most beautiful spots in the Hawaiian Islands.

The people on thvdemand-200-4e show are every bit as interesting as the settings.  Gilad’s sister Ada was a regular this season.  In 2 years (1988) she would be moving on to her own show, ‘Basic Training the Workout’ also produced by Gilad.  In addition to Gilad, Gilad’s mother Ora and his sister, you will meet Sherry Bush, a model, actress and aerobics instructor, Tammyra Powers, a University of Hawaii Rainbow Dancer and John Watchahowski, a student in Virginia going for his masters in Physical Education.  And, as always, Gilad has a few conversations with his crazy old friend Henry (played by show’s director, Rob Hearn).  

You will meet Peaches, the bored cockatoo, and various other exotic birds.  There is horseback riding, ships and boats and 3 kid’s shows, including the famous ‘Muscle Face’ show.  vdemand-200-5Gilad appears as a cowboy, a conductor, an interview show host, a sculptor and a judge just to name a few.  He even wears his ‘Tweety Bird’ shirt a couple of times.

vdemand-200-6The 200 series is a lot of fun, and best of all, you get 31 complete workouts that you can use at your own convenience.  Have fun with it!







The 300 Series

vdemand-3--img-1The 300 series has not been broadcast for more than 10 years.  But now Gilad has made them available once more.  vdemand-300-img-2Relive 1987 with Gilad and the team.  Remember, this is the only place these shows are available.
The 300 series debuted in 1987 and consists of 20 episodes.  That means 20 different workouts.  To avoid confusion, please note that episode #306 never existed.  

The locations include the cliffs by the Makapu’u Lighthouse overlooking the windward side of Oahu and Rabbit Island, the Royal Prince cruise yacht off the coast of Waikiki and Ka’anapali Beach on the Island of Maui.  You will see Diamond Head and Waikiki from a unique vantage point, off shore.  You will see the town of Waimanalo from high above on the cliffs by the Makapu’u Lighthouse.  You will see Ka’anapali Beach on Maui and the Island of Lanai off the Maui coast.  You will see parasailers, ultralight one-man planes, exotic birds and even a cow named Betsy.  This series is a must-have to complete your tour of the Hawaiian Islands.

vdemand-300-img-3The 300 series is the season of the vertical stripes on the women’s tops.  Last year was predominantly horizontal stripes.  In about 75 percent of this year’s shows you will see vertical stripes, fat ones, thin ones, colored ones and black and white.  They must have been all the rage at the end of 1986 when these shows were shot.

This is Gilad’s sister Ada’s last year as a regular on the show.  Next season Gilad will produce another ESPN show for her to host, ‘Basic Training, the Workout’.  Gilad’s mother is always nearby.  She tells the story of her experience with breast cancer.  There is a pair of vdemand-300-img-4Scandinavian girls this year.  Anina is from Norway and Mette is of Scandinavian descent.  Jonathan is from the US Army and Ed is an instructor at Jane Fonda’s fitness studio in Los Angeles.  Carole Lum is a champion body builder.  But the big event of this year was the debut of perennial favorite Trella.  Trella is not only America’s sweetheart, she is also a professional fitness trainer from the North Shore of Oahu.  Notice how young she looks in this series of shows.

You will see Gilad as a martial arts master, a pirate, a mechanic, a prisoner, a ship’s captain, a TV camera operator, a cannibal and a singer.  He attempts to sing the song ‘Physical’.  (You might want to avoid downloading that one.)

Your collection of shows and your tour of the Hawaiian Islands is not complete without the 300 series. 





The 400 Series


vdemand-400-img-1Episode # 401 is the only episode that still airs on FitTV.  The rest have not been seen for over 10 years.  Relive 1988 with Gilad and the team.  This is the only place these shows are available.

The 400 series debuted in 1988.  There are 22 episodes.  That means 22 different workouts.  Don’t be alarmed if you can’t find show #405.  It never existed.  

There are 3 basic locations.  
1.  A secluded beach near Makaha on the west coast of Oahu.
2.  The spot on Magic Island where Gilad’s FitTV show ‘Total Body Sculpt with Gilad’       is shot.
3.  Another scenic spot on the other side of Magic Island by a beautiful lagoon.


You will see 3 great kid’s shows featuring ‘Gilad’s Super Kids’.  A show where a chimpanzee named Buster runs amok.  There are fabulous views of Diamond Head, Waikiki and Kaena Point.  There are yachts sailing by just a few yards offshore.  You will see Lucky the macaw and China Girl, the runaway cockatoo.  There is Hawaiian music from the all female quartet, ‘Puamana’.  You will even see Gilad’s mother barbequing carrots!

vdemand-400-img-2This is Sherry’s last season, Trella’s 2nd season and Kent’s first season.  A real treat in this series is vdemand-400-img-3Trella teaching and performing Hula in a couple of different episodes.  This is Ada’s first season with her own show ‘Basic Training, the Workout’, so she only does a few guest appearances on ‘Bodies In Motion’.  The shows shot at the Magic Island Lagoon are like a Janklowicz family reunion.  Gilad’s mom Ora, sister Ada and his other sister, Dana (age 18), who is rarely seen on the show, all join in.  There is Hawaiian entertainment and Trella dons Hawaiian garb to perform the hula for you.  There are also special guest appearances from Sue Grace, a regular on Ada’s show but rarely seen on ‘Bodies In Motion’.
You will see Gilad as a cowboy, anchor man, storyteller, track star, cop, chess player, sand skier?, mechanic and waiter.  His crazy old pal Henry (played by show’s director Rob Hearn) appears as a bartender, barber and a farmer (growing couch potatoes)!



The 400 series is full of surprises!  For instance, the theme music at the beginning of the show has been revised to incorporate Polynesian percussion.  You can hear the difference between the 300 and 400 series opens.  Also, this year the aerobics and floor work are 2 different segments.  They are joined in the 200 and 300 series’.  Which do you like better?








The 500 Series

vdemand-500-img-1The 500 series consists of 38 shows.  The reason there are so many shows is because we had a sponsor that asked us to shoot the additional episodes.  LA Gear was the sponsor so Gilad is wearing an LA Gear shirt throughout half of these workouts.  The good news is you get 38 different workouts in this series. vdemand-500-img-2The 500 series debuted in 1989.  The Oahu locations included Paradise Cove, Kahe Point Beach Park on Maile Cove and 1000 feet above the Waimanalo coast on the Makapu’u Cliffs.  We also traveled to the island of Kauai and shot 2 days on Kalapaki Beach on the grounds of the Westin Kauai Resort.  The Westin Kauai changed hands and is now the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club.
By this time we had developed a core team of exercisers.  Gilad, Gilad’s mother Ora, Trella, Kent, Tracey, Felicia, Steven and Gail.  We also had a lot of other regulars this year such as Holly, Molly, Kelly, Clay, Leanne, Keith and Eddie.


We saw lots of talented animals this year, many of them residents at the Westin Kauai Resort.  vdemand-500-img-4Fred the cockatoo was the bird on the cop vdemand-500-img-3show ‘Baretta’.  Fred was a real show off.  We had Lola the parrot, Chico the macaw and Pablo the parrot that sang “I left My Heart In San Francisco”!  Awesome!  We see horse pulled carriages, crazy geese and even a pig.  
You will see Gilad as a warehouse worker, a police detective, a mechanic, a teacher, a cowboy, the Godfather, a German scientist, a doctor and Rambo.  (Gilad does a great Rambo.)
The bottom line is...when you download the 500 series you get 38 great shows and 38 great workouts!







 The 600 Series

vdemand-600-img-1The 600 series consists of 20 shows all shot on beautiful secluded beaches on Oahu.  The good news is you get 20 different workouts in this series.

The 600 series debuted in 1990.  The locations included Paradise Cove, Pupukea Beach which is located right next to Waimea Bay on the famous North Shore of Oahu, and Rock Piles Beach where you can see the Banzai Pipeline in the background....also on the North Shore of Oahu.

This season’s workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Felicia, Gail, Molly, a new Sherry and Naki who was with the show for only one season.  We also had a lot of extras on the Paradise Cove shows.  Entertainers like cousin O’Brien and the Paradise Cove Luau Polynesian percussion band.  We also had many Paradise Cove Luau show dancers from talented young children to hula dancers in coconut bras and Polynesian men including an impressive fire knife dancer.


We didn’t have a lot of animals on the show this year but we did have one outstanding one!  Maile the monkey, one of our all time favorites, was in 3 of the Paradise Cove shows.  She ran roughshod all over Gilad during the floor work segments.  vdemand-600-img-3The funniest part was when she kept sticking her fuzzy tail in his mouth while he was trying to talk.

You will see Gilad as a  storyteller, a sleazy garlic salesman, a track star, a warehouse worker, the Godfather, a doctor, a cowboy, a gas station attendant, Einstein, a psychologist and Rambo.  (He does a great Rambo.)

The bottom line is...when you download the 600 series you get 20 entertaining shows and 20 great workouts!










The 700 Series

vdemand-700-img-1-aThe 700 series consists of 21 shows shot on board a cruise ship and on the islands of Oahu and Maui.  You get 21 different workouts in this series.

vdemand-700-img-2-bThe 700 series debuted in 1991.  The locations included the deck of the SS Constitution sailing between the islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai.  We also went to Yokohama Beach on the west coast of Oahu and Makena Beach on the south shore of Maui.  You can see Molokini atoll in the distance.

This season’s workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Tracey, Gail, Bill, Jill, John, Kathy, Carrie, Priscilla and Orly who was visiting from Israel.  We also had a cameo appearance by Marie DeParis who did PR work for us.



We featured a few animals on the show this year.  We had an exercising dog at the beginning of show #717.  We had a blue and gold macaw that vdemand-700-img-3-bGilad referred to as Mister Parrot and we had a cockatoo named Sydney that actually mimicked the exercises along with the team.  Sydney was in 3 of the Maui shows.

You will see Gilad as a waiter, a caveman, a gunfighter, a track star, a German scientist, a wacko doctor, a ships captain, a garlic salesman (again), a prisoner, a police detective, an anchorman,  a secret agent and Alladin’s genie.

The bottom line is...when you download the 700 series you get 21 entertaining shows and 21 great workouts!








The 800 Series

vdemand-700-img-1The 800 series consists of 17 shows.  Originally there were 20 shows but 3 of them were so badly damaged that we had to retire them.  They were shot on a stretch of Waikiki Beach known as DeRussy, on the Waikiki Beach cement pier with Diamond Head looming in the background, at Waimea vdemand-700-img-2Bay on the famous North Shore of Oahu and at Ala Moana Beach Park with Magic Island and Diamond Head in the background. You get 17 different workouts in this series.

This season’s workout core team consisted of Gilad, Trella, Kent, Sue, Mike, Felicia, Wendee, Bill, Jason, Michelle and Eric. 

In the Waimea Bay shows we were privileged to have Maya with us visiting from Mexico City.  And in the Ala Moana Beach shows our special guest was former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann.  We also had appearances by some tourist type fans and a number of children.vdemand-700-img-3

You will see Gilad as a secret agent, a cowboy and a waiter.

The bottom line is...when you download the 800 series you get 17 entertaining shows and 17 great workouts!







The 900 Series


vdemand-900-img-1The 900 series consists of 22 shows all shot on beautiful secluded beaches on Oahu.  The good news is you get 22 different workouts in this series.

The 900 series debuted in 1993.  The locations included Waikiki Beach, Kailua Beach, Sandy Beach and the tropical jungle at the Nature Center.  All of these locations are on the island of Oahu.


This season’s workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Felicia, Sue, Tracey, Jason, Bill, Gabby, Melina, the Reber family kids Emily, Bradley and Cecily and a girl named Donna from Czechoslovakia.  We also had special guest Jim Karanas, a trainer friend of Gilad’s from San Francisco.



We didn’t have a lot of animals on the show this year.  vdemand-900-img-3We did have one multi-colored macaw named Wilma.

You will see Gilad as an Arab oil salesman, an Indian (from India), a parachutist (real), the Godfather and a dentist.

The bottom line is...when you download the 900 series you get 22 entertaining shows and 22 great workouts!





The 1000 Series


Many of the shows in the 1000 series are currently airing on FitTV and in Israel.  Now you can download them and take them with you wherever you have itunes.  There are even a number of different devices that can convert the signal to play on your TV.  Remember, this is the only place you can download these shows.   

The 1000 series debuted in 1994 and consists of 20 episodes.  That is 20 different workouts.  You will never get bored.


We shot in 3 different locations during this season.  First we went to Ulehawa Beach Park on the Waianae coast.  The body of water in the vdemand-1000-img-2background is Maile Cove.  Then we traveled into the hustle and the bustle of Waikiki Beach where we were joined by lots of eager tourist types from several different countries.  The third location was completely different.  We went to Yokohama Beach which is just before Kaena Point and the beach is completely deserted.  Just vast expanses of wide open sugar fine sand and picture-perfect surf.


There were lots of different interesting people involved this season.  Of course there were our regulars, Gilad, Gilad’s mother Ora, Trella, Kent, Felicia, vdemand-1000-img-5Wendee and Bill.  There are two other regulars that only appeared that year, Sharla and Doreen.  Lian appeared in the 1100 series as well.  Then there was Jim Karanas, Gilad’s friend from the San Francisco area.  He could eat more than any 2 other people we have ever known.  He made a serious attempt to beat the Guiness world record for longest time a person has ever rowed on an indoor rowing machine.  I can’t remember the amount of time...but it was measured in days and hours.  


Another big fan came all the way from Slovenia to participate in the Waikiki shows.  Her name was Barbara Vucovic and she was very attractive.  Then there was Pat the Delta pilot and his son Ryan and Puppy, our super senior citizen that appeared in 6 of the 8 Waikiki Beach shows.


vdemand-1000-img-6We didn’t have too many animals on the show this season.  vdemand-1000-img-4The exception to this rule is the pig that shows up on Gilad’s mat at Ulehawa Beach Park in show #1005.  Some local kids were taking it for a walk on a leash.

The 1000 series is a must for the serious collector.  The best part is that when you download the 1000 series you get 20 different complete workouts.  Have fun with them.






 The 1100 Series

vdemand-1100-img-1The 1100 series debuted in 1995 and consists of 21 episodes.  That’s 21 different workouts.  You will never be bored.


We shot in two different locations this season.  The first 5 shows were shot in Jerusalem.
If you have never seen these shows you have to download them.  The location is directly in front of Mount Zion, King David’s tomb and the building where the last supper was held.  Off to the right barely visible is the Dead Sea.  The next series of shows we refer to as our ‘beach party’ shows on Ala Moana Beach with a live band.  Then there is a final series of shows in a slightly different location on Ala Moana Beach.


There are more interesting people in this season’s shows.  In the Jerusalem shows the only other exerciser you will recognize is Gilad’s mother Ora.  The rest are fitness professionals from Israel that trained with Gilad for the show.  Also in these shows is an incredibly interesting vdemand-1100-img-5Middle East band called the Gibberish Group.  There is also a traditional exotic dancer and a couple of nomads with their camel off to the side.  

At Ala Moana Beach Gilad is joined by Jack and Elaine LaLanne for 3 shows. 


There is also a live band called the Pagan Babies and

exercise regulars Wendee, Bill, Tracey, Kent, Lian and Felicia who is 3 months pregnant.  We had a hula dancer with the Pagan Babies.  There is an vdemand-1100-img-4on-set visit by Tracey’s baby boy and if you look real can see Gilad’s father Harold exercising knee deep in the ocean.   


This season you will see a camel and a lot of macaws. One of the macaws is named Ku’uipo which means ‘sweetheart’ in Hawaiian. The 1100 series is like one big party.  Live bands, dancers and 21 complete fun  workouts.







The 1200 Series

The 1200 series debuted in 2001 and consists of 30 episodes.  That’s 30 different workouts.  You will never get bored.vdemand-1200-img-1


We shot in 4 different locations this season.  We shot at Waimea Bay twice because it has always been one of our favorite locations.  We also shot on Waikiki Beach near the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  We shot at Sandy Beach on the South Shore of Oahu and ‘Rock Piles’ on the North Shore.  With the exception of Waikiki everywhere we went we had awesome surf.  This season is known as the season of the awesome surf.


This year features more of our favorite exercise people.  To name a few of them:  Gilad’s mother Ora is back and Trella has been with us since 1985.  Kim and Maelita are a husband and wife team that had 4 children at the time we shot these shows. vdemand-1200-img-3 vdemand-1200-img-4At last count they had 5. 

Robyn was a professional cheerleader and extremely acrobatic.  Wendee has worked with us on-camera and behind the scenes for years.  Emily first appeared on the show at age 11.  When these shows were shot she had just graduated from Harvard Law School.  Elaine works for the Honolulu Police Department and Steve is professional boxer Vinnie Pazienza’s cousin.  


The format of the 1200 series combines the warm-up and aerobics in one segment allowing for a conditioning segment in which Gilad targets the areas of the day.  Best of vdemand-1200-img-5all, when you download the 1200 series you get 30 different complete workouts!  Have fun at the beach!












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