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Special Face Book Promotions


Please see below for many of the special promotions we currently offer.


This Week's Special Facebook Promotion!

Use promo code FB520 to get a 20% discount on all DVDs*
To get the discount applied to your order. During check out, look for this box (right image). Type in the promo code-box-1code and
click apply. The total order amount will change to reflect the discount.

* A few already heavily discounted packages are excuded from this discount.

Special Add-On Offers!express-workout-25-off

Add-on offers is a great way to save on Gilad DVDs.
When you buy the products listed below you qualify for a 25% discount on Gilad’s Express Workouts. With the Express Workout you can mix and match and design your own workout to fit you target areas. The Express workouts are a perfect substitute for these on busy days when you don’t have a full hour to work out.
More about the 'Express Workouts' here
Gilad's Total Body Sculpt Plustbs-plus-all-1
These are the super popular one hour workouts seen on TV. Perfect for you that like longer workouts. Each DVD has 2 great workouts that target your entire body plus giving you a great cardio workout.
More about 'Total Body Sculpt Plus' here

Gilad's Quick Fit Systemqfs-all-1
Gilad’s Quick Fit System. This is what you need if you want to get in shape quickly. Everything is laid out for you. Step by step Gilad will take your through a 3 months workout program that will get you in shape... guaranteed!
More about 'Gilad's Quick Fit System' here
Gilad's Lord of the Abslota-all-1
Gilad newest workout series. A unique core cross-training system! Develop your abs, strengthen your body and burn fat!

More about 'Lord of the Abs' here
Check for other great Add-On promotions!cart-add-on-options-img-1
When you add items to your shopping cart check for other great add on offers under 'SPECIAL OPTIONS' (see sample image on the right)

We regularly offer great DVDs and DVD sets that compliment you purchases at discounted prices.


Even more ways to savefrees-shipping-for-orders-over-40-1

When your order total (after any discount applied) is above $40 we will ship your products within USA for FREE priority mail.

During check out you will see a box that asks you tofree-shipping-image-2 select shipping and handling type
If you order is above $40 you will have an option to select FREE shipping. Your order will be shipped Priority Mail and should not take longer than 2 days to arrive.


Super fast shipping!sameday-shipping-1

We ship all order placed before 5pm Eastern time, 3pm Mountain time, 2pm Pacific time the same day. That means that you get your order within 1-2 days. Latest in case of very remote areas 3 days.


FREE with Any Purchase!eat-right-nos-promo-page

Learn to eat the right food with Gilad's "Eat Right Now Nutritional Plan"
I get many of requests every month from people who need help losing weight and no longer know what do to. I can help you! I have already helped thousands!

Most Fad diets work against your body's ability to stay healthy and fit. My approach works with your it what it needs to keep you lean, energetic and healthy. My Eat Right Now Plan has survived EVERY FAD DIET over the last 20 years! I NEVER went on a diet, counted calories or took any pills or drugs...I just follow a VERY SIMPLE system that WORKS FOR EVERYONE... I'm in better shape now than I was 30 years ago... I feel GREAT!.....and YOU can do this too!
How to get your free copy:
After you make a purchase from this web site you will see an order confirmation page. On that page (scroll down) you will find a link to download this book (PDF files).


No Risk!money-back-1

Shop Safely with our exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee
No other place can you get a guarantee like this! Just return the DVDs to us.  No questions asked.
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